Crawling Around the World


Thank you to eveyone who has submitted seeds to our 2 billion page web crawl. Most of our submissions came from US and international libraries and archives.

We received over 18,000 seeds from over 60 countries.

We are currently in the process of preparing the seeds and the crawl will begin on Monday, June 4.


One Response to “Crawling Around the World”

  1. Wilfred Says:

    As 90% of’s documentation and information has not been updated (at latest) since 2004, it would be obvious the need to prepare modern technological, research, operations, and future outlook information for public review.

    Is Archive researching new projects or systems? What is the viability of introducing new initiatives for implementation by Has anything happened since 2001?

    Perhaps optimizing the interface for more effective access would be useful as well, but I am more interested on why Archive has not been more active in seeding forward looking public enhancement projects. Your global ranking for size/scope is still dropping quickly compared to new neighbours and the old? Perhaps some new stimuli?

    -Wilfred L. Guerin

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