Asian Tsunami Archive


A web collection documenting the devastating Asian tsunami of 2004 is now live and searchable. The project is the result of a collaboration between Internet Archive, The Singapore Internet Reserarch Centre and The collection contains over 1500 sites relating to the disaster. The collection is indexed for text search and can also be searched by specific URL.

Internet Archive believes community driven web archving projects are an essential part of preserving the web. Internet coverage of and response to key global events can unfold rapidly and in a unique and valuable way. Blogs, major news outlets and alternative media can offer different perspectives of the same event and all can be important to researchers, historians and the general public. It is essential to work cross-institutionally and quickly to archive the information, reactions and outcome of important events that affect everyone.

Other community Archive collections include the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Archive, and the San Francisco Earthquake Centennial archive.


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