Internet Archive at IWAW


On June 23rd Internet Archive will be presenting at the International Web Archiving Workshop (IWAW) in Vancouver.

Brad will be starting off the day of sessions with a presentation on the Wayback Machine. Here is the abstract from the paper Brad is presenting.

‘Wayback’ is an open-source, Java software package for browser-based access of archived web material, offering a variety of operation modes and opportunities for extension. In its basic, usual configuration it can both list available URL captures by date and offer recursive archive browsing starting from any capture. Advanced configurations offer better performance for challenging archived material and improved navigation.

‘Wayback’ is implemented as a collection of loosely coupled alternate implementations of core modules, for which an overview of each is provided. The functionality and implementation is also contrasted with its inspiration and predecessor, the Internet Archive’s classic public Wayback Machine software, and other ways of accessing archived web material. Finally, future directions for improvement are outlined.

After 4pm Gordon will be giving updates on IA’s tool and format developments.

Please come and and introduce yourself if you are attending the workshop!


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