Archive-It 2.10!


The Archive-It team is excited to announce the release of Archive-It 2.10!

Our new features include a Spanish interface to both our public site ( and the Archive-It private web application. Archive-It is reaching out to our spanish speaking colleagues in the United States and around the world in order to widen the scope and breadth of web archiving.

Other changes to our public website will increase the visibility and access to the broad range of collections created by Archive-It partners. We have also added a seed URL registry so the web archiving community can see exactly what Archive-It partners are collecting. This feature is a work in progress and we welcome any and all feedback!

Inside the web application we have expanded our abilities to automatically harvest YouTube videos. This upgrade is the result of working closely with the University of North Carolina on an NDIIPP funded project to harvest election videos on the web.

We have also developed documentation and guidelines for partners to better review their collections for quality assurance. We will be offering advanced partner trainings in October or November that will help partners with QA and effective crawl scoping.

Stay tuned for our newest feature, Scope It! to be released in November as part of our 3.0 release. Scope It! is a pre-crawl scoping tool allowing partners to select content for harvest at mote selective level.

If you would like to attend one of our twice monthly informational webinars, send an email to archive-it at


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