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Wayback Machine & Web Archiving Open Thread, July 2010

July 6, 2010

Anything you want to know or discuss about the Wayback Machine or the Internet Archive’s web archive? This is the place!

We’re trying something new here. Our classic forum is a bit clunky by modern discussion standards. For posters, it’s hard to browse or search the archives, leading to a lot of repetitive questions. For IA staff, the options for participation and moderation are limited.

This is the first of what’s planned as a new¬† ‘open thread’ each month, here on this blog. For the month, it’s where feedback, discussion, and questions about the web archive and Wayback Machine should be directed.

If your comment is a question, please check the Wayback Machine Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) to see if your question has already been addressed before posting.

A few other things to note before posting:

Everything else? Fire away!